Preparing for Your First Orthodontic Visit

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Most of us are used to going to the dentist, but when it comes to orthodontics and making sure our teeth are straight and function the way they should, we sometimes forget that our teeth may need more specialized care. If your dentist decides to set you up for an orthodontic visit, knowing what to prepare for and what can happen moving forward is a good idea. Today we will provide some tips to prepare for your first orthodontic visit and why you may need one. 

What is orthodontics? 

Orthodontic treatment specializes in the alignment, position, and function of the teeth and jaw. This means occlusions, overbites, crowding of the teeth, and lockjaw all fall under this category. This also means if the dentist sets you up for your first orthodontic visit, it is because you need some type of care for one of these issues. 

If you need orthodontic care, it is to fix an issue that could compromise the health of your teeth. It is a good idea to heed the advice of your dentist and go to the appointment, but that does not mean you need to be nervous or afraid. The sooner you find a solution for dental issues, the better. 

Your first visit and going forward 

There is nothing to worry about from your first orthodontic visit. The first visit is typically just a consultation to discuss what issues your teeth or jaw may have and what treatments are suggested to fix the issue.  

The best way to prepare for this first visit is to talk with your dentist about why you need an orthodontic visit and be prepared to ask questions to learn more about the condition you have that needs treating and how to get ready for the first treatment. 

Common orthodontic problems

Perhaps the most well-known and common reason people are sent for an orthodontics visit is that they have an alignment issue with their teeth and need braces. Braces come in many styles and, depending on the level of correction needed, are worn for a period of time. In the most serious cases, a person may need traditional metal braces that use a series of wires and brackets to pull teeth into position. The average length of time a patient wears traditional braces is two years. 

In mild cases, clear aligners can be used to correct the issue. Clear aligners use custom-made trays to shift teeth over time, and this can be done in as little as a year. 

Orthodontic treatment also covers the correction of the jaw through the use of dental appliances. One of the common causes of tension and misalignment of the jaw is a person grinding their teeth and clenching them at night. This issue can usually be corrected with a specialized mouth guard that removes the jawbone's tension and prevents grinding and clenching. 

Reach out for more information 

Orthodontic care is the best way to keep your teeth functioning properly and in good shape. If you need to visit, do not hesitate, as it could save your smile. We are happy to help inform you about your options and get your smile back to its very best. 

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